ARTATWORK is a the studio of Dyan Marie in association with a multi-disciplinary group of individuals, studios and companies specializing in the advancement and support of public space and the cultural environment.

Our associate and affiliate members include artists, photographers, writers, landscape architects, architects, urban planners, art consultants and an art therapist.
This broad range of skills within a single association enables ARTATWORK to provide engaged public art, urban plans and ideas within a multi-disciplinary framework.

Public Space. Projects range from the creation and installation of individual works of art to large-scale multi-teamed urban redevelopment projects. ARTATWORK’s involvement with public space includes exploring what is needed, concept development, creation and implementation..

Information Support includes concept, design, production and implementation ranging from web sites to publishing and presentations.
ARTATWORK, 1444 Dupont , Building D, No 31, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6P 4H3,
Telephone: 416- 531-1215 Email: